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  • Cumbre del Cotopaxi


  • Antisana


  • Corazon


  • Illiniza Norte

    Illiniza Norte

  • Cayambe


  • Amanecer


  • Crater del Cotopaxi


  • Chimborazo


  • Rumiñahui


  • Cayambe


  • Illiniza Sur

    Illiniza Sur

Andes Climbing Ecuador.

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Welcome to Ecuador

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Climbing Volcanos

The Ecuadorian Andes is divided in two main chains; Eastern and Western range where the most important volcanoes in the country arise from.  These Volcanoes are the result of tectonic displacement and long ago, at the beginning of our history were feared by our Indians and admired by our conquerors. In the Ecuadorian Andean Range there are a total of 39 mountains composed by mountains per say and active and inactive volcanoes more than 4 thousand meters high. Currently most of the volcanoes are not active and climbing to the summit is one unforgettable experience.



Before Leaving

Climbing snowcapped mountains require the use of special climbing gear, clothing fit to keep you warm and dry and plastic boots. All ascents require the presence of a certified mountain guide to secure your safety and therefore guarantee a relaxed and joyful experience. These ascensions normally take two days.