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Sangay Volcano (5,230 m) / 7 days

Trekking al Volcan Sangay

Day 1: Quito – Guarguallá chico
Our team will meet with you early in the morning in a pre-set location in Quito; our driver will then take us south through the Avenue of Volcanoes passed the city of Riobamba and on to the small village of Guarguallá chico. This day will be mostly making our way south into the country, about 6 hours from Quito to our resting point in the house of one of our porters that will be kind enough to receive us.



Campamento Escaleras

Day 2: Guarguallá Chico – Ladder camping site
Our adventure starts with a good and substantial breakfast that guarantees us enough energy for today`s journey. We will leave the house with our mules and luggage and head up to the second camping spot called “Escaleras” or ladders. On the way we will be able to admire the simple lifestyle of the indigenous communities that have settled in these lands; we will walk by rivers and steep roads.. It will take us about 8 hours to reach our destination and we highly recommend you to bring rubber boots for this excursion.

Campamento Plazapamba

Day 3: Plazapamba Camp site
This day we will go from the Escaleras to the Plazapamba camping site; it’s an 8 hour excursion that will lead us through mud paths, steep trails and rivers. During the hike you will be able to admire the Andean wildlife like the tapir, dantas (another form of tapir) and even pumas.



Campamento Playas

Day 4: Playas Camp site

Our day will start early in the morning with a complete breakfast, afterwards we will head to the Playas camping spot that is 8 hours from our departure point. We will walk along the typical Amazonian vegetation and it is likely that we will be able to observe the Sangay volcano during our hike. We will install our camping site at 3,700 meters above sea level, a perfect place to rest and get ready for the next day.

Volcan Sangay

Day 5: Sangay volcano

At midnight you will receive a wake up call from our team that will already be waiting for you with a good breakfast to start the day. Making it to the summit of this amazing volcano can easily take 7 hours and there is no guarantee we will actually be able to make it to the top due to weather conditions and volcanic activity. Sometimes rocks detach from the mountain making it impossible to cross over but we will definitely make it to one of the ridges where you will be able to see lava and ashes during the eruptions. Descending back to camp will take us 3 hours in total.


Day 6: Ladder Camp site

We will return along the same path we came from. Again, this excursion may take us 8 hours and we again advise to bring rubber boots along.






Day 7: Guarguallá Chico
This tour ends with one last hike back to Guarguallá Chico, our departure point; here our transportation will be expecting us to bring us back to Quito.





NOTE: Due to weather conditions and volcanic activity, this program may extend or be reduced in one day. These expenses will be charged to our clients.


To get a good price please write us


The price includes:

  • Meals included in the program
  • Private transportation
  • Trekking guide
  • Accommodation /Camping on tents for two people each
  • National Park Entrance Fee Sangay
  • Camping equipment: tents, pans, forks, etc .

Does not include:

  • Any type of insurance
  • Persona equipment: sleeping bag, gloves or mittens, can, rainproof clothing, etc.
  • Tips
  • Other expenses not specified