About Us.

Andes Climbing was founded in 2010; we are an adventure travel agency specialized on the Andean Mountain Range and the Ecuadorian Rainforest. We honor all conditions, permits, licenses and certifications required by the Tourism and Environment Ministry and we find pride in stating that we are a safe and reliable company to travel with.

We offer you a vast variety of packages and schedules all around the country; whether you are looking for short 3 day expedition or more complex programs that can last up to 20 days and combine climbing with stunning landscapes, mountain biking above 4 thousand meters above sea level, Indigenous markets where you can learn more and appreciate the local customs and traditions, rainforest excursions observing unique and endemic animal species, rafting, horseback riding and more, so much more…

Our professional team of experts will help you design your “Ecuador Trip”, whether you are traveling alone or as part of a small or big group, we will carefully plan and organize all the logistics involving your travelling plans making sure each detail is taken into account to guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Come, join us, we invite you to unveil the magical Ecuador, to feel at home, to live unique experiences and be part of the  Andes Climbing Ecuador S.A.