Climbing tours one day

North Iliniza (5.126m) /1 day

Our adventure begins in the city of Quito at 5am; it’s an hour long drive to the parking lot called “La Virgen” (3,900m) where we will start our ascension. It will take us about 5 to 6 hours to climb to the summit and we will have to pass some difficult paths on the way.

Corazon Volcano (4.788m) / 1 day

Our journey begins at 6am in the city of Quito where we will meet to start the tour. We will drive south of Quito through the Avenue of Volcanoes for about an hour or so until we reach the Volcano’s ladders. Here our ascension will start; it normally takes about 5 hours to reach the summit and we will have to cross scrublands and some very unstable rocks in order to get to the top.

Pasochoa (4.200) / 1 day

Our group will meet in Quito at 7am in the morning; the private transportation that we have organized for you will take us to the base of the volcano. We’ll go across and Andean primary forest and will have the opportunity to observe all different types and species of birds like the beautiful hummingbird and even the Condor if we are lucky.

Rumiahui (4.712m) / 1day

We will meet in Quito at 7am in the morning and ride south to the Rumiñahui Volcano inside the Cotopaxi National Park, this normally is a 2 hour ride. Our driver will leave us as high as the Limpiopungo Lake at 3,830m above sea level, that's were we will start our ascension. In order to reach the summit we will have to hike about 5 hours…

Rucu Pichincha (4.690m) / 1 day

We will meet in Quito very early in the morning and in only a few minutes will reach the parking lot at the cable railway (3,350m) and ride up to 4,100m where our acclimatization hike will start. We will follow the path to the summit for about 5 hours and then back to Quito.

Guagua Pichincha (4.794m) / 1 day

This volcano is ideal for acclimatization exercise; it’s fairly close to Quito and it won’t take the driver long to get us there. In less than one hour we will arrive to the little village of Lloa (3,500m) where we will start to hike up to the parking lot (4.000m), the Civil Defense Refugee (4,500m), then cross paths of sand and rock to finally reach the summit at (4,794m). The estimate time is 6 hours, then back to Quito