Climbing tours

Cotopaxi (5.897m) /2 days

We will meet in Quito early and the morning and take the South Panamerican Highway all the way down to Machachi where we will change directions towards the east until we reach the village of Pedregal and further to the parking lot at (4,500m) where our driver will leave us. Getting to this point normally takes about 3 hours in total. Here we will start hiking up carrying our entire luggage until we reach the José Rivas Refugee at 4,800 meters above sea level.

Acclimatization at Cotopaxi (5.897m) /3 days

Our journey begins very early in the morning in the city of Quito, we will drive south through the Panamerican Highway until we reach the Chasqui, here we will take a new route east that will lead us to the cabins of “Paja Blanca” or “white straw”. This ride will take us about 2 hours…here we will leave all our belongings and start an acclimatization hike that will start at the Limpiopungo Lake towards the Rumiñahui Volcano.

Iliniza North (5.126m) /2 days

Our meeting point will be in Quito quite early in the morning; our driver will take us south through the Panamerican highway until we reach the parking lot called “La Virgen”, this is a 2 hour ride and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Here we will start our 3 hour hike to the New Horizons Refugee at 4,750 meters above sea level.

Chimborazo (6.310m) / 2 days

Our team will meet you in Quito, early in the morning; our private transportation will be waiting to take us on a 4 hour ride south of the country to the Chimborazo Fauna Production Reserve. Here you will be able to admire the Vicuña, an Andean endemic specie. The car will take us up to the first refugee, the Hermanos Carrel, at 4,800 meters above sea level. Lunch will be served and in the afternoon we will ascend up to the Whimper Refugee at 5.000 meters.

South Iliniza (5.263m) /2 days

The meeting point will be in Quito very early in the morning; we will head south through the Avenue of Volcanoes along the Panamerican Highway passed Machachi, an hour later we will be arriving at the parking lot called “La Virgen” at 3,900 meters above sea level. This is where our ascending journey will begin… it normally takes about 3 hours to make it to the “New Horizons” Refugee that’s 4,750 meters high

Cayambe (5.790m) / 2 days

We leave early in the morning; our ride will take us past the village of Machachi to Cayambe and then to a dirt road where you will be able to appreciate the stunning beauty of the highlands and the small communities that have settled along the road. Our destination will be the refugee that’s built over 4,600 meters above sea level.

Antisana (5.758m) / 2 days

After meeting in Quito rather early in the morning, our driver will take us east to a small village named Pintag where you will be able to take photographs of the admirable scenery before you. After a two hour ride we will arrive to the base of the mountain at 4,550 meters above sea level